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Article (Translated from French):

Discover with happiness:
Larry Elliott

In 1992 Larry Elliott recorded on Rickway Records,Nashville, Tennessee, an album:

The Hard Times, that would not make his way to the settlement States but also in Britain

…or The Hard Times, which gave its title the album, ranked No. 2 in the Top Ten,

…and Denmark, another song album, Ordinary Guy, reached a tree honorable fifth spot.

This album, becomes untraceable, just be reissued on CD with nine tracks (all written by Larry’s mother, Irene).

  • The lead vocal. Larry Elliott. At fiddle, Ray Ri-thistle and Nolan Murray.
  • A mandolin, Ray Richardson.
  • A lead guitar. LarryElliott
  • sci-even. Rob Mattson. Mike Mayowski.
  • A bass. Mark Kennedy and JimGabbard.
  • A pedal steel. Brian Davies. Piano, Curt Gonion.
  • At the rhythm guitar.Ray Richardson.
  • On drums, Tom Hayes. A harmonica. Jim Gabbard.

The simple statement of the instruments, you have already understood:

It is in the hallmarks of good ole country music. solid and traditional.

If we had to convince us again, Photo of rednecks very grandparents maternal Larry, Frank and Edna Rose
Glasgow, Missouri.  A workhorse in the farm of his grandparents.

And Larry Elliott. who thank God for giving him the gift of music. do not forget to thank her grandparents


– Thanks to my grandma and my grandma Rose Mabrey. I loved so much
when I was a kid. They gave me the desire and inspiration to persevere
and never give up. I feel that all ARIS lee both with God
and I await the day I will be back to their ratings.

The Hard Times is a song,  to her only,  summarizes the same spirit of
the album. This is the story of the little people, humbly, but with faith
move mountains, never gave the opposite arm in difficult times.

All other songs:

  • Somebody’s Got To Lose a
  • You Can ‘t Take It With You
  • Ordinary Guy.
  • The Other Creek.
  • I’ll Never Get You Of My Heart.
  • If I Had Any Sense.
  • It wont Take Much
  • Closing Up The Honky-Tonks

A relevant same inspiration we express the soul and heart of a true countryman.

Larry Elliott is one of those men who, had we still need would
testify that country music is more than music: a gift from heaven.

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Phone: (208) 549-0096.

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