I Won’t Turn The Other Cheek by Larry Elliott


This is another story from the pen of yours truly Larry Elliott. This week the story behind the song comes from the pen of song-writer Irene Elliott.

The song is titled”I won’t turn the other cheek again”. The story as best as I can recollect what my mother told me, is first it has to do with the Bible God’s word.

How we should turn the other cheek when someone wrongs us. To forgive the maybe ask them to forgive you in the process if you be the cause of the event or altercation,which ever be the case. Jesus in his own words that are written in red in the scripture states when asked by and apostle how many times should we turn the other cheek?

To which his reply was 7×70 times. Mom used this idea along with many people that included mom’s sister my aunt Elsie Mae and others in a bad marriage or relationship for one reason or another. Who maybe should have gotten out of the relationship and didn’t or couldn’t because of children involved that they thought would be hurt in the process.

Some of the the people were from the old school and they were monogamous in their beliefs. As in olden days a man and a woman were supposed to work things out and make them work or so some were lead to believe. When you left your partner or spouse it was for 2 reasons death or unfaithfulness to one another.

These days people are afraid to get out of a marriage for they would have no means of support other than child support which isn’t always reliable because maybe the spouse’s life was dedicated to being a homemaker. So this story comes out of a lot of those thoughts and situations. As you have probably heard, a song writer has to be able to read between the lines in peoples lives and situations.

They might have to know what people are or aren’t saying by reading their body language, or what they are not saying by what they are saying. I know it sound confusing but actions do speak louder than words. If you walk the walk you definitely have to talk the talk. Thus comes the story behind the song until next time.

Sincerely Larry Elliott

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