If I Had Any Sense by Larry Elliott



This particular song topic comes from a song titled “If I Had Any Sense” The title came from some words she and dad heard uttered back in April 13,1955 their wedding day.

There were comments made as to their age difference of 8 years that it would never last. Thank God they were wrong or I and my sister Julie and brother Tod would not be here today 61 years going on 62 years of marriage.

Of course there were and are others who aren’t so fortunate as us.

I know mom’s sister my aunt Elsie mae was in a bad marriage and she didn’t get out of it. My mom’s mother Frances went through the same bad treatment and abuse although grandma got out of hers but a little too long after the abuse which usually came with heavy topping on the alcohol consumption parts.

Many people may have uttered these very word i’d have left you along time ago “If I Had Any Sense” I myself liked the marvelous hook-line you can’t work a puzzle when pieces don’t fit or about giving back the ring and having their last fight a majority of this song is a true story and it may apply to others in similar situations.

I guess the rest of the song makes at least for good drama so there you have the story behind the song as it was told to me more or less as best I can recollect.

Sincerely Larry Elliott.