“I’ll be Here” by Larry Elliott – Best Country Gospel Songs


The Story Behind the Song

Hello and welcome everybody once again to another episode of the story behind the song.

Today’s song is entitled “I’ll be Here” and it comes to you from the pen of yours truly Larry Elliott.

It was probably written about 10 years or better ago.  My mother Irene Elliott the writer gave me a lot of input about the song but she would never take any credit even though I offered it to her I guess it’s a mom thing.

The song  I believe could be a love song to someone you love but I have sang it in church as a love song of high praise to the lord.

The song has a beautiful pedal steel part that really makes the music played by the late great Jim Hale and the song definitely has God’s anointing on it.

I guess it may be fictitious in the writing but it definitely applies so I hope you will purchase the song if you have a chance.

Till next time stay tuned to my blog at Larry Elliott Music.com for another episode of the story behind the song until next time, God bless you.