Keep the Upper Hand on Me by Larry Elliott

Well hello folks and welcome to my web site for
another Story Behind the Song.

Today’s song is entitled “Keep the upper hand on me”.

Thanks to and radio air play for playing these songs you may have heard it on you-tube also anyway the song was written by my mother Irene Elliott.

I believe this song goes back to having a personal one-on-one relationship with Jesus…

…just graceful good writing and a good message asking the lord to keep us all in check daily so we do not stray from the righteous path.

This song is on my “Call 9-1-1 Heaven” Cd recorded in the late great Jim Hale a great friend and a great pedal steel player who played the pedal steel on this particular song with yours truly playing guitar and bass guitar.

I believe this song makes us know just how real our enemy Satan the devil is…

…and how he would love for us to fail and make Hell our home,lest we fail to make Heaven our home.

I know this message applies and will help others to stay on the straight and narrow…

…so until next time keep on fighting the good fight and be sure to finish our race tune in next time for more of the story behind the song.

Tune into my web site at Larry Elliot until then God bless you one and all.