Let the Bible Be Your Road Map

Hello and welcome to the story behind the song Today’s song is “let the bible be your road map” It is on my “Call 9-1-1 Heaven Cd. I thank you for tuning into my web site for another episode of the story behind the song. This song once again was written by my mother Irene Elliott

Again I believe it is about one’s personal walk with the lord. At least that’s the way I see it. once again note the steel work by the late great Jim Hale formerly of Elgin, Oregon.

I know you will notice some banjo work and some piano work. We have a computerized program called “band in a box” which is actually for those of you who don’t know a computerized program which actually uses live sample recordings of actual musicians and theiir actual style or done in the style that they would play in.

You have to actually pay a fee to have this program down loaded to your computer. Where it actually proves valuable is you may need a certain instrument you may not be able to play or be able to afford to hire and by the magic of the program band in a box you can get the help you so desperately need at a price you can afford. As for the bass and rhythm guitar it was played by yours truly along with the harmonies of which some were computerized by middying or electronics harmony machine which provides the other harmony voices the 3rd or the 5th parts of harmony.

I truly hope you will enjoy this song as many others have and may it touch your heart and edify you in your life and walk with Jesus. Well that’s all for now folks please stay tuned for more of the story behind the song until then this is Larry Elliott saying God bless you.