Men from Mars by Larry Elliott


Here’s another story from behind the song. This particular song comes from the CD “Rocking Chair Memories” by Larry Elliott.

The song is entitled “Men from Mars” The song was written about 25 years or more ago back in the day people were claiming sightings of UFO’s and Flying Saucers some were true many were proven to be hoaxes and some were unexplainable. They claimed to have seen at least some of them to have seen little green men with antennas on their heads or having close encounters of the lSt,2“d,and 3rd kind.

Back in the day my folks and I knew a Country singer/truck driver by the name of George Miller…

..who at one time worked with the Legendary Great Mac Wiseman of bluegrass and Country notoriety. He used to play some gigs at a well know landmark back in the day called the Washington Hotel before it later burned down and was not rebuilt it is now called Washington Square in commemoration of what used to be there once.

The Hotel housed guests or over nighters plus had a cafe a barber shop a night club called the Copper Lounge which was one of the local watering holes included in the total of 17 bars in our town at the time also there were people who made the hotel there permanent residence.

The bar had live music mainly on the weekends and there was a little trio or quartet playing country music there at the time the band to the best of my recollection may have included members such Jim Smith on bass and lead guitar and vocals ,George Millers Lead Vocals and Rhythm Al Rabbiddeau on drums and back-up vocals and Ronnie Holmes on lead guitar. My mother and dad used to sometimes go down and listen to the band on the weekends when they got a chance.

It was sometime in the future George pitched the idea to my mom about writing a song about UFO’s and extra terrestrials…

..she decided to write the song from the point of View of a moonshiner making illegal alcohol in his own still have a close encounter with a UFO and little green men or martians as they were sometimes called and how one of the UFO;s had landed 50 yards from his still.

They obviously stopped to sample some of his moonshine nearly scaring him to death and leaving almost as quickly as they had come. Seeing the flashing lights and making some observations of his own he concluded that in his mind they didn’t have any any antennas or weren’t green in color as other folks had said.

After all what could he possibly say to the authorities after all he didn’t have a camera or no proof of any kind…

…and who would believe him anyway they’d probably think he flew the coop and making shine after all was against the law.

He wondered if he’d lost his mind even going as far as consorting with his old dog Duke how he’d seen snakes and spiders on the wall as in having the DT’s after drinkin from this still but he didn’t ever remember drinking booze with men from Mars.

So there you have the story behind the song fictional but imagination or not who could say it couldn’t happen to you sometime you be the judge mom wrote the song with quite a clever imagination…

…until next time stayed tuned to this blog for more of the story behind the song as it was told to yours truly Larry Elliott and written by Irene Elliott.