Ordinary Guy by Larry Elliott

Well hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the story behind the song.

Today’s song is entitled ”Ordinary guy from the other side of town”.  This song comes off of my Hard Times Cd.

It was written by my mom Irene Elliott.  I do not believe it was about any person  at all, just a good story line comparing high class to the lower class.

In life when we say we’re from the other side of the tracks it is kind of looked at as less fortunate than others…

…or we weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouth, we had to work for what we’ve got.

This song has a lot of good hook lines in it like dining on pheasant under glass or walking your fancy poodle dog while I pet my mutt of a hound or wearing your nice expensive clothes I’ll wear my Levi jeans.

I would like you to pay close attention to the pedal steel ride by Brian Davies who is formerly of the well known band back in the 70’s Tar Water Band. Then notice the nice Count Basie ending on the song a nice addition to the song.

Also not the great guitar ride from Rob Mattson the studio tech a former student of the late great George Thomason who used to teach at Boise State University.

If you haven’t heard it already hope you will take time to check it out until next time that about wraps up this episode of the story behind the song so stay tuned to my blog till then

God bless you all.