Best Christian Gospel Songs – Since Jesus Came Into My Life by Larry Elliott


The story this time comes from the pen of yours truly Larry Elliott. It’s entitled “Since Jesus Came Into My Life” I guess if you asked me what the inspiration behind this song was I’d have to quite frankly say Jesus Christ.

I just think of all the wonderful things in my life since I’ve been saved and maybe even before also. Things that the lord Jesus has brought into my life or has been made possible through his eminent mercy and grace.

I can recall many times when he gave me the desires of my heart sometimes or maybe I even before I asked for them. After all they say God knows your needs before you even ask him for them A lot of times my needs have been met or even things I’ve desire were made attainable or put within my reach. For one the natural God given gift of music since I was 10 or 11 years old and being able to eventually to play 3 or 4 instruments well enough to make a living for about 46 years.

Did I have to work at it? Of course anything worth having you have to work at it,but it came a lot easier to me than most other folks. It has also brought me a personal relationship with my savior Jesus Christ who has definitely guided my foot steps every step of the way.

I don’t believe I was and out and out horrible person but things needed to be changed in my life for the better and I definitely needed to know Jesus by which you can only know through seeking him and reading his holy word and supporting the Good News or the Bible. I now know I have a passion for telling people about Jesus and my personal testimony.

I do know that prayer definitely works and God will do what he says if you will only trust him. I am definitely living proof of that I may still be a work in progress. I could not earn it or deserve it. As far as being worthy the Bible says we are but filthy rags without God in our life nothing good is possible.

Now you have the story behind the song. Be sure and stay tuned for the next episode of the Story Behind the Song.

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