It Wasn’t Easy for Jesus by Larry Elliott – Some inspirations for the someday christian song….

The story behind the song

Some inspirations for the someday christian song….

Hello everybody and welcome to this episode of the story behind the song.

Today’s song is entitled “It Wasn’t Easy for Jesus” another great song written by my mother Irene Elliott. Once again it is another song fictitious in a way but what better subject than Jesus could we write about.

It was recorded earlier in Boise,Id in Stolen Horse studio under the engineering of Rob Mattson, then we rerecorded it in Jim Hales studio in Elgin, Oregon and included it on our “Call 9-1-1 Heaven“ CD it’s basically biblical telling about Jesus’s struggles on earth and eventually Calvary’s tree, and we know that was no easy thing to do but he did it all for us for he became the perfect sacrifice for blood redemption for the remission of our sins it was the only way we could be saved.

I hope you all continue to enjoy the song and purchase our cd so you may be blessed by the other songs as well. Until the next time stay tuned for more of the story behind the song until then God Bless you one and all.