Somebody’s Got To Lose by Larry Elliott – Vintage Music

Welcome to another episode of the story behind the song…

..from one of the songs of Larry Elliott.

Today’s song is entitled “Somebody’s got to lose” off of my Hard Times Cd. It was written by mom once again,

The story is a true one up to a point.

You might say the names were left out to protect the innocent.  Mom made several observations of people we’ve known who seemed to lose more than they won out so I guess this song was meant maybe to uplift some of these fine people.

It has a wonderful fiddle part originally developed by the great late great a dear friend of mine…

…and a mentor to my guitar playing style I owe a lot to this man whom in many ways was like a father to me especially when he was teaching me. 

He was very serious about the lessons whether they were fiddle or guitar he didn’t care if the lesson took you 2 hours or more he did not want you to leave until you had got the lesson…

..and when he was giving a lesson he did not want anyone interrupting the lesson at all and he would get very upset if it were not for a good reason.  

This is how I became better on the fiddle and gained insight into creating better music.

Take care and God bless you,

Larry Elliott