What’s Another Heartache by Larry Elliott


We may have a Love Heart Ache at some time is our life, “What’s Another Heartache”?

Here’s another exciting episode from “The Story Behind The Song”. The song is entitled “What’s Another Heartache” off the CD called “The Hard Times” by Larry Elliott.

I believe it’s more or less a song about lessons learned in life’s journey and the heartaches and heartbreak many people suffer some more than their share than others do. I know mom must have thought of a lot of bad situations she had seen or witnessed in her lifetime.

Maybe of people who just couldn’t find the right mate no matter how hard they tried and many just thought about giving up…

…that there was not much hope and anyway what’s another heartache more or less when you’ve been through so many why worry about one more.

Many of theses here relationships are sometimes marrying on the rebound or not having a long enough courtship to know who you are marrying or marrying a “Prince Charming” just because he or she is Handsome or beautiful in the long and short theses relationships are not often long lasting and sure…

..There’s and old saying “do not shop for groceries when you are hungry” I know a lot of people male and female can somewhat relate to this story.

If nothing else it makes for good drama and maybe teaches us all to look before we leap and to put our best foot forward.

Remember slow and sure usually wins the race over fast.

Until next time this has been Larry Elliott with another”Story Behind The Song” so be sure to stay in touch for our next story. Sincerely Larry Elliott.