You Can’t Take It With You When You Go by Larry Elliott

The story behind the song

Hello everyone and welcome once again to the story behind the song.

Today’s song is entitled “you can’t take it with you when you go”.

It was written by my mother Irene Elliott.  I believe the song is based on and old but clever adage  we’ve all hear:

As you know we come into this world with nothing and we’ll take nothing with us when we go.

This song is also included on my Hard times Cd. It has some very clever hook lines in it .

Notice the great piano solo played by Curt Gonion  a chef/piano player and the great harmonica part played by Jim Gabbard whose father was the music teacher at Caldswell State University now called Albertson University and the lead guitar part by yours truly Larry Elliott.

Hope you will enjoy the song it’s a great song which is gospel oriented in it’s flavor

until then stay tuned for another episode of the story behind the song

Good bye and God bless you.