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country songs about rocking chair memories rocking chair song

Rocking Chair Memories by Larry Elliott – rocking chair song

This is one of those deep country songs about memories…

The topic of this edition is the song “Rocking Chair memories” the title cut off my CD of the same name.

This is one of those modern country songs written with the old style slow country lyrics.

The idea to write this song or the inspiration came from a sign my mother Irene Elliott saw while passing through a small town in Washington state.

Mom and dad saw a small antique store with a rocking chair emblem hanging.

It read “rocking chair memories” that gave her the start of the idea as a writing for old rocking chair song lyrics.

She decided to come from angle or point of view of a rest home or nursing home. One particular person we knew was in one my grandpa William Ralph Elliott my dads dad.

The story went on to tell about his experiences and personal views of the rest home and many others who shared similar opinions or thoughts.Many older folks looked at the rest home as a prison or a jail cell from which you could never leave. My grandpa Ralph said it was the last stop before the cemetery.

Even though they received kind and loving care from the nurses and doctors there and the staff also.

So make those family members maybe your own or somebody who needs to know feel special.

As the song says one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever hear when you’re all by yourself.

Like the song says when his kids needed him they were never let down,but now the tables are turned they’re seldom around.

A lot of the old folks had children who would come and see them, but there were others who either had no family to come and see the or they lived too far away to come very often and then others who just wouldn’t come.

Let them know someone cares for many of them are already living on borrowed time.It may soon be too late and you may not have them but for a short time.

That’s the basic gist of the story as told to me by my mom Irene Elliott and now you know the story behind the song.


Sincerely Larry Elliott


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