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Sad country songs 2023

A real story of my Grandmother and song lyrics she wrote right before she died on Christmas…

Lighting up the country music scene, a tune springs from an authentic story, "I’m Gonna See Jesus Someday," a gem from my gospel CD, "Call 9-1-1 Heaven." A country ballad with a twist of joy, it invites you to cherish your loved ones a bit more. My Great Grandma Edna Rose from Glasgow, Missouri, kick-started this journey. It's believed she penned the original lines on a Christmas Eve.

The very next day, Christmas morning, she left us, leaving behind a beginning of something beautiful.

These poignant words were later fashioned into a charming chorus for "I’m Gonna See Jesus Someday."

My mother, Irene Elliott, gave it life after her children passed down the lyrics. This enchanting chorus was discovered by a friend on a notepad by Edna's bedside. It was the morning of Christmas, and she was no longer with us, having slipped away during the early Christmas hours.

Knowing Mom's knack for songwriting, the lyrical journey started, and a true story took the form of a song. Before unfolding the tale, here's a glimpse into Edna Rose's world. Despite scant formal education and harsh times, raising eight kids, her spirit remained unbroken. This resilience manifests in our song, adding an upbeat tone to a country classic.

Grandma from what I am told learned to read and write by reading old letters of friends or relatives.

Great Grandma Rose, armed with just her alphabet, was able to form words. She knew '0's and 'X's symbolized love and affection. Her understanding of Jesus was rudimentary, gleaned from the chatter of folks and friends.

Eventually, missionaries and teachers sparked her interest in divine matters, introducing her to Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. She even attended church briefly, until Great Grandpa Frank Rose picked up on some less than favorable chatter among the congregation.

Back then, the church also served as a local gossip hub. Nobody wanted to leave last, fearing they'd be the talk of the town. Disappointed by this, Grandpa stopped Great Grandma's church visits, deeming it unsuitable due to the back-biting and hypocrisy.

Taking it in stride, Great Grandma's journey inspired my mother, Irene Elliott. She decided to capture this story, despite it being initially challenging to frame this bittersweet tale into a country song.

The breakthrough came when she decided to relay the story as is. Great Grandma's part, written just before her heavenly departure, was simple yet profound. "I'm old, I'm gray, well on my way, and I'm gonna see Jesus someday..." That's how a current country hit was born, co-authored by Great Grandma Rose and my mother.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind the song, and I invite you to stick around for more tales.

With a cheerful wave, Larry Elliott.

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