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Sad country songs heaven country song

A real story of my Grandmother and song lyrics she wrote right before she died on Christmas…

This is an inspiration from a true story for current country hits. This particular song is entitled “I’m Gonna See Jesus Someday”. It comes off of my CD entitled” Call 9-1-1 Heaven” my gospel CD by Larry Elliott.

This is one of those sad country songs about heaven…which will help you appreciate your relatives more and the message it holds…It was inspired by a partially written song that was in her possession when she passed away. She was my Great Grandma Edna Rose of Glasgow Missouri.

We believe she wrote these lyrics Christmas Eve just before she passed away Christmas morning.

Her words were later to become the chorus to the song of “I’m Gonna See Jesus Someday”. My mother Irene Elliott was able to write after receiving the lyrics from her children.

The chorus of the song a friend found written on a pad on her night stand next to her bed as the song story describes.The friend found her on Christmas morning she had died somewhere in the wee hours of Christmas morning. They knew mom wrote songs and so thus began the finishing of the writing of the song. So the song does come from a true story.

I need to give you a little bit of input before I tell you the story as it was written.Great Grandma Rose had little of any formal education back in the day times were hard and most folks could not afford to send their children especially 8 in number to school usually the older kids had to help their folks make out a living.

Grandma from what I am told learned to read and write by reading old letters of friends or relatives.

She may have known the alphabet then she would sound out the words. She did know 0’s and X’s meant hugs and kisses. She didn’t know much if anything about Jesus other than what she heard from her folks or friends.

Later on some missionaries and teachers started telling her about Jesus or God or even the Holy Spirit.I heard she did go to church for a short spell til her husband Great Grandpa Frank Rose heard people after church talking trash and derogatorily about the other members of the church behind their backs.

None of the others would leave the church last for fear of being bad mouthed. You might call it the local rumor mill back in the day. So that ended Great Grandma’s church going Grandpa wouldn’t allow her to go there anymore.

He said in his opinion they were a bunch of back biters and hypocrites in his opinion and he would not allow his wife to go to such a place and that was the end of that. To make a long story not too much longer thus my mother Irene Elliott wrote the story.

At first she did not know how she was gonna write the rest of the song for this sad country song.Then she thought I’ll just tell the story as it happened As you can probably guess Great Grandma wrote her part of the song shortly before her passing away.

I know Great Grandma was saying I’m old and I’m gray and well on my way and I’m gonna see Jesus someday and

…so now you have the story behind one of these current country hits…as co-written by Great Grandma Rose and my mother Irene Elliott. Keep in touch with my blog for the next episode of the story behind the song.

Sincerely yours truly Larry Elliott.

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