Christian Gospel Songs – Call 911 Heaven

Welcome to another episode of the story behind the song…

..from one of the christian gospel songs of Larry Elliott.

The song this time is”Call 9-l-l Heaven” from the CD of the same name by yours truly written also by my mom Irene Elliott.

First of all mom got the idea from a song a co-writer of hers Dwight Dollinger was working on. She seen a line in his song that mentioned calling 9-1-1 Heaven. Since she got the idea from Dwight’s song she included him in the authorship of the song as a co-writer.

So many times in life’s trials and tribulations we sometime or other wind up calling this rescue service. Mom thought or got the idea,why not call on God through Jesus in the same manner or way through prayer or praying to him.

Our phone of course being our hands clasped in prayer.

Instead of calling a doctor or a paramedic we would simply call on Doctor Jesus to meet our needs or crisis to topple those mountains in our life or get out of those valleys solely through the healing and divine power of all mighty God himself and God alone…

…And no matter what the problem there is only one right answer and that is Jesus Christ. These problems don’t have to be medical alone for God is able to meet all our needs exceedingly and abundantly without fail.

So call on a God who never slumbers nor sleeps where no problem is too big or small.

Jesus is the operator through which all our calls must come through,the truth the way…

…and the life God and the Holy Spirit will do the rest so don’t fail to call 9-1-1 Heaven.


Well I hope the way this song came about about will be and inspiration to all who read this blog…

…until next time stay tuned for another story behind the song by Larry Elliott.

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