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Lyrics straight from God for this music will move your very soul. 

Imagine getting these once in a lifetime lyrics which came to Sarah Deines without any editing. 

God spoke directly to her and without hesitation to give you an incredible experience of music anointed and sung by Larry Elliott.

Other Songs written by the infamous Irene Elliott and Dwight Dollinger who bring the best in musical talent and lyrics. 

Feel your soul lift another knotch in a way you don’t get with any other music in the world.

Jesus Thats My Final Answer

Jesus Thats My Final Answer (**Fan Favorites)

Going Back to Kountry
Country dance songs for the best country songs 2019. 
This album has classic country music that in small circles is the highest on the country music charts. 
Larry Elliott is known in France and Germany the most, but his most popular country is exploding in rural USA.

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